Seems there's a rash of unfriending going on around here lately...but not only that...there's also a seeming rash of bad mouthing. (not just of me...I've seen others be the victim as well)...on top of that...three people on my list have posted asking for friending/friends cut policies here's mine.

I don't always friend everyone who's added me...I do always look at your profile, your journal and your user pics...I've been around here awhile now and sadly I've had my fair share of I have red flags that I look for...if, for some reason, your journal sends up a red flag (call it gut instinct) then I won't add you...nothing personal please don't take it as such.

I do randomly friend people I see along my journeys here...friends of friends of friends or people I see in communities or what have you...I generally send a comment or something letting you know...feel free to check me out and add back or hard feelings. (I generally wait a few days to around a week...if you haven't added me back...I'll drop you)

I don't really do friends cuts...not mass ones anyway. You have to really tick me off to get yourself cut (I don't cut for differing opinions...or for being lazy on the posting (though I may cut if you haven't posted in say a year or so!)...or for lack of commenting.)

I do cut for being downright insulting...for deleting your journal...and if you've cut me first (I know how people can be about their user info's looking all neat and equal...I have a touch of the ocd myself)

When I do cut...I don't go making any sort of announcement...not before and not after...I just quietly do it...if you have questions and you've been're not banned so you can ask on my public banner entry. (I may go to your journal and leave a brief comment letting you know you've been cut and why...I may not...likely depends on my mood at the time)

I don't use ban-set for least I haven't had to yet. I came close once...but refrained...I really don't like to cut people off at the knees like that without a very good reason.

If you unfriend me...I generally don't take it too personally...if we weren't close I just ::shrug:: and assume you didn't find anything interesting here. If we were close...or I thought we had a connection...I may stop by your journal and leave a comment wishing you well and letting you know how sad I am at losing you...but not to cause drama or anything...

Once I realize I've been cut by someone...I cut them back. No worries. It just is what it is.

The other thing you should probably know...I don't go about bad mouthing people that are or used to be on my journal. I'm pretty blunt and if I have something to say about you...I'll generally say it TO you. You won't find any public (or private for that matter) posts here bashing any one by name (I may rant in general-but I don't call out names or link to journals)...that kind of stuff really only has something to say about the poster's character...not the person they're posting about anyway...don't ya think?!

You don't like me...fine...that's your right...I don't like you...that's my right as well...but just because things didn't work out for our friendship doesn't give me the right to betray there won't be any of that around here spouting off about private entries in your spilling of all your dirty (or clean!) secrets...(course if you attack me or mine first...all bets are off...but I still try to refrain) really...I try not to hold on to animosity at all...I mostly have no use or time for it...we've gone our separate ways and let's just leave it at that.

Just some stuff about me:

1. I'm a Christian. An unabashed, self proclaimed "Jesus Freak" and I write about it too.
2. Being a Christian does not preclude me from having an open mind and being accepting of my friends of differing faiths. (And no, I'm not out to save you either...not my job.)
3. I'm a Democrat. But I can't stand Obama and voted Republican for the first time in my life this last election. This does not make me a racist. It only makes me someone who pays attention to politics and didn't like what I saw.
4. I love my two cats. They are both incredibly spoiled (ask anyone). I have also declawed them. They were declawed young (at the same time as being fixed) and they don't go outside at all. I don't think this is in any way, shape or form inhumane. Loki, for example, can jump to the top of door frames without any trouble (and I have the video to prove it). If your cat is maimed or in constant pain because of a declaw then I suggest you find yourself a better vet.
5. I don't post or read twitter posts.
6. I do post about my all it's glory and horror...the good...the bad...the ugly...all of it...and I don't filter.
7. I love a good, respectful debate.
8. I don't want a friends list that thinks, acts and believes exactly as I boring would that be? Common interests are nice...but you're allowed to have your own mind and speak it!
9. If a post looks like it's getting long or there are largish pictures I use a cut...but that doesn't mean you have journal my rules...your journal your rules.
10. I'm honest. Sometimes brutally so. Some people can't handle that. If you find that you can't...there's always that exit door somewhere around here.

Oh and just for fun...under the cut are the lj peeps I have met in person!

[ profile] agaperstriver
[ profile] agaperus
[ profile] area51reject
[ profile] asoullia
[ profile] az_starshine
[ profile] azshotinthedark
[ profile] babyzerochica
[ profile] catespade
[ profile] celdridge
[ profile] chasesbro03
[ profile] chiropteraclan
[ profile] cyber_timmy
[ profile] debinboston66
[ profile] divine_delirium
[ profile] drull
[ profile] eviltera
[ profile] finding_bliss
[ profile] fragbert
[ profile] iembalmu
[ profile] jeffdango
[ profile] jojothemonkey1
[ profile] kimothy
[ profile] kissncontrol
[ profile] kritterkpr1
[ profile] loaded_gun69
[ profile] momsiekat
[ profile] moongoddess255
[ profile] nightbirdflys
[ profile] ralicious21
[ profile] silver_magic
[ profile] telfox84
[ profile] theresahall
[ profile] tofarawayplaces
[ profile] tinydevil
[ profile] torturred_soul

ETA: If I've dropped was likely because you didn't update your journal for over a year and you got dropped in my annual cleanup...if this is the case and you've come back to lj and still want to be friends just drop me a line...I'll happily add you back!



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