Seems there's a rash of unfriending going on around here lately...but not only that...there's also a seeming rash of bad mouthing. (not just of me...I've seen others be the victim as well)...on top of that...three people on my list have posted asking for friending/friends cut policies here's mine.

Friending/Unfriending Policy )

And a little about me in case you want to friend me but aren't sure: )

Oh and just for fun...under the cut are the lj peeps I have met in person!
Personal Peeps! )

ETA: If I've dropped was likely because you didn't update your journal for over a year and you got dropped in my annual cleanup...if this is the case and you've come back to lj and still want to be friends just drop me a line...I'll happily add you back!



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